:From Off the Beaten Path Bookstore, turn left onto Lincoln Avenue and follow to Elk River Rd (129) and turn right.  Follow 129 for 25.5 miles to the turn-off for Steamboat Lake State Park and turn left.  Follow the road, continue as it turns to dirt.  After about 1.4 miles from 129, take the right turn at John Fetcher's old cabin that is directly before Fetcher Barn.  The gate has a red "Reading on Ranches" sign.  Go through the gate (close behind you) and follow the dirt road for about .6 miles.  There will be another gate with a red sign, go through that gate and bear left (there is one last yellow sign pointing the left).  Park here and walk bear left, cross the creek, and enter camp.  If you find a gate open, please leave it open— If you find it closed, please close it behind you.