Reading on Ranches Camp Packing List
Campers should come to camp wearing an outfit that is suitable for outdoor exploration (we walk in high brush and forests), preferably not dresses/skirts/bare legs.
 A hat that will protect from the sun
A good pair of walking shoes and a pair of water shoes in their backpack.  Water shoes cannot be flip flops and need to have a strap.  Keens, tevas, chacos, old tennis shoes, aqua socks, are recommended.
In a comfortable backpack that can be worn for long periods:
Rain Gear (yes, it does rain sometimes in North Routt!!)
Extra change of clothes, swimsuit, towel (can be in a tote bag or plastic grocery bag that will be left in the trailer)
Sweatshirt or warm layer
Sunglasses, if needed
Bagged lunch, with an ice pack.  Afternoon snacks should also be included if your child has food allergies or is picky.  Otherwise, BookTrails provides a small afternoon snack.  
At least 1 liter of water
Sunscreen and bug spray

Packing List for Reading on Ranches Thursday Camp-out
Note: Not all camps include a camp-out.  Please see attached schedule to see if your child’s camp has a Thursday night camp-out at the ranch.  
In addition to the things that campers normally bring to day camp, please be sure to help your child pack the following items.  We are able to provide sleeping bags if your child does not own one, just give us notice.  
Please pack camp-out stuff in one bag/duffel, separate from camp backpack.
 Sleeping bag, pad (if wanted) and pillow
 Campers may bring one stuffy (we don’t want them to get lost and cause before-bed-tears!)
 Toothbrush and other needed toiletries
 PJs/Warm clothes for sleeping
 Warm pants and sweatshirt, warm hat—it will get cold in N Routt!
 Two pairs of socks
 Change of clothes for the next day
 Swimsuit and towel
 Any other bedtime necessities

Students should pack a lunch for Thursday.  We will provide Thursday dinner, Friday breakfast and snack.  Please be sure to let us know of any food allergies prior to the camp-out.  No additional food should be packed to prevent attracting animals into the camping area.  

Packing list for full overnight camp