BookTrails believes that the preservation of the ranching culture is essential to maintain the rich heritage of Steamboat Springs.  Ranching is not only important because of its historical significance, but also because of the nature of the work—rancher owners are connected to the land to produce food and therefore, their way of life.  With centuries of practice under their belt buckles, ranchers are the ultimate environmentalists because they understand the ways of the land and appreciate its fragile existence.  We lament that many children have lost connection with their local history and environment.  By conducting our programs on local ranches, students learn about ranching history and the importance of its survival to our community. 

Steamboat Springs relies heavily on our ranching reputation to draw tourists and promote our history, while sadly few working cattle ranches are able to economically survive.  We hope to support the survival of Steamboat ranches by promoting their importance at BookTrails programs.

If you are interested in hosting a BookTrails program on your ranch, please contact us at