BookTrails strives to provide scholarships for students who wish to attend Reading on Ranches Camp but cannot afford fees.  Please fill-out the form below if you wish to apply for a scholarship.  After the scholarship is approved, you will be able to register your child.  Please do not register your child before you are approved for a scholarship, as we will not reimburse any fees that are paid during registration before approval. 

The first scholarship recipients will be notified the week before registration opens on Feb 5th.  After the initial period, forms are reviewed bi-weekly by our Scholarship Review Board.  Scholarship funds are limited and are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis, so apply early to reserve your child's spot!  

In order for your scholarship application to be reviewed, you must send financial verification to us.  You may send the first page of your 2017 tax return or a Dec '17 pay stub for both parents.  Please e-mail this information to  Your application will not be processed until financial information is received.